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"The 2nd International Conference for Economic, Business and Financial Challenges in MENA & GCC Countries", which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey from 29 - 31 May 2013.


International Journal of Accounting Research

ISSN Print:-2225-1057
ISSN Online:-2225-1065

International Journal of Accounting Research(IJAR) is published with a printed version & online version on quarterly basis so that authors can see their article published on our website every 3 months. Quarterly publications have the benefits of more attractive publication schedule, less time between review completion and publication, less need for haste around infrequent deadlines and more exposure for reviews within publishing year, meaning greater potential for citation.

The areas that (IJAR) has interest in include the following:

  1. Accounting ethics
  2. Accounting information system
  3. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  4. Management accounting
  5. Mark-to-market accounting
  6. Philosophy of Accounting
  7. International Accounting Standards
  8. International Financial Reporting Standards
  9. Accounting and Capital Markets
  10. Accounting Education and Research
  11. Accounting for Enterprises Engaged in Specific Kinds of Activities
  12. Accounting for Specific Kind of Organizations
  13. Accounting for Specific Phase of Business Activity
  14. Accounting History
  15. Accounting Theory
  16. Auditing
  17. Cost Accounting
  18. Economic Analytical Accounting
  19. Financial Accounting
  20. Financial Management
  21. Internal Auditing
  22. International Accounting
  23. Organizational and Behavioral Aspects of Accounting
  24. Public Accounting
  25. Social and Environmental Accounting
  26. Tax Accounting

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